Background: Residential House, Newlyn.

Project: Complete Refurbishment of Original Staircase.

Brief: To revitalise a much loved and well used existing staircase. Being an original feature of the house and fearful of the damage it may create to rip it out and replace it, the client opted for a complete overhaul of the existing staircase. The old creaking treads, loose spindles and dark wood handrail was replaced with a new contemporary features to fit with the house renovation, maximise light and to give a more contemporary look to the stairs. On meeting the client at our showroom, he chose one of the designs we had on display which we were able to construct to match the dimensions of the original staircase structure.

The Finished Stairs: A contemporary oak staircase with cut-strings painted, highlighting the treads and risers on show, with the glass following the shape of the treads.