Ready to get started with your new staircase quotation? It is far simpler than you think to get a stair quotation from us – and far less time-consuming.

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether we need to complete a Site Visit in order to generate a quote. The easy response to this is “No”.

Our most popular stair designs can be found in the Models section of our website. These all have a uniform design concept which makes offering a quotation straightforward based on just a few factors.

Here is the minimal information we require:

 What model are you interested in?

Our range of models suits numerous budgets and styles. From Traditional to Contemporary style staircases – let us know which design you like best. Each Model has a 3D layout so you can see what the staircase will look like based on your own stair shape. Additionally, our Portfolio section can also provide further inspiration.

If you are still needing further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us or book a showroom appointment at our offices in Hayle.

The Layout of your Staircase

Staircases can come in a range of shapes from straight flights, winders to half landing stairs. If you have Floor Plans available, we ask you to send them over. For replacing existing staircases, we ask if photos can be sent from the bottom and top of the stairs so we can get a feel for the layout and balustrade requirements.

Please send this information to including your relevant contact details.

Once we have all the information we require, we will aim to get a quotation back to you as soon as we can. Once you are happy with the quotation, we can then get a site survey, manufacturing & delivery or installation date all booked in for you.