Due to our varied customer base, each staircase we make is tailor-made to fit each individual client brief. From a one off luxury bespoke set of stairs for a self build to generic sets of stairs designed for a large housing development, we can cater from one end of the spectrum to the other and everything in between.

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Callum Wason – St Just on the Roseland

Background: An amazing home, built over 3 levels with superb sea views, designed by returning client, Architect Callum Wason

Project: Trecarrell, St Just on the Roseland.

© Bob Berry Photographer –

Brief: With every part of the house squared, Callum’s vision of the staircase was that it needed to offer a see-through floating curvature between the different floors of the house, a stark contrast to the clean angled lines of the interior space and strong, modular look of the exterior. The brief was passed to Mark, the Head Designer at Cornwall Stairs, who revised the initial “newel free” concept, suggesting a different approach using shaped glass to strengthen the structure of the stairs without loosing any of the transparency.

“When I saw the 3D design, I fell in love. The execution of the staircase highlighted the in-depth knowledge Mark has, of making a concept a workable reality. That’s why I like using Cornwall Stairs, they have a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of stair making. It truly is one of the most fantastic staircases and fits the space and concept of the project perfectly” Callum Wason

The Finished Stairs: A solid oak staircase, over three floors with shaped glass to cling to the contours of the timber structure, giving the effect of floating transparency between the multi levels of the house.

Kast Architects – Coastal Development

Background: This, like many of our select developments was an architect initiated assignment consisting of seven beautiful homes.

Project: Plot 1, Costal Location, Cornwall


Brief: Kast Architects had a set design in mind for plot one that maximised light and incorporated a contemporary oak screen connecting the upper and lower levels. With imagery supplied, all we needed was to get to work bringing the design to life.

The Finished Stairs: Made from solid oak, these cut string stairs start on the upper level of the house around the perimeter of the stair well  with an oak panel style balustrade. They flow naturally down to the lower level of the house against a wall of seamless oak panels. This contemporary concept also features integrated storage (under the stairs) offering practicality within this stylish design.

Jewell Construction

Background: Single Private Dwelling, Cornwal.

Project: New Build delivered by returning Contractor Jewell Construction.


Brief: Having worked with Jewell Construction on a number of their premium builds, Martin Jewell, provided us with an image showing the style and look of stairs his client has chosen and wanted us to re-create. With our complete design service we were able take this design and then adapt and recreate it to fit the space (and three levels) of this exclusive new build house.

The Finished Stairs: A truly impressive multi-level solid oak stairs very traditional in its design and style. The curved strings and landing aprons provide a special effect to the central space.

Renovation Self Build

Background: Residential House, Newlyn.

Project: Complete Refurbishment of Original Staircase.

Brief: To revitalise a much loved and well used existing staircase. Being an original feature of the house and fearful of the damage it may create to rip it out and replace it, the client opted for a complete overhaul of the existing staircase. The old creaking treads, loose spindles and dark wood handrail was replaced with a new contemporary features to fit with the house renovation, maximise light and to give a more contemporary look to the stairs. On meeting the client at our showroom, he chose one of the designs we had on display which we were able to construct to match the dimensions of the original staircase structure.

The Finished Stairs: A contemporary oak staircase with cut-strings painted, highlighting the treads and risers on show, with the glass following the shape of the treads.

Self Build

Background: 4 Bedroom Spilt Level New Build, Truro, Cornwall.

Project: Our clients were on the verge of placing an order with an online supplier, when they contacted us. With 5 sets of stairs required, they had initially used an online stair designer, but were concerned that the small print stated all measurements and any discrepancies would be their responsibility. With an already tight budget the thought of making any minor (yet costly) mistakes was one they wanted to avoid especially approaching the end of their build.

Initially, they were concerned that we would be considerably more expensive than the online supplier, based on all the extras we include and the all important site survey and measurement. Another concern was the 12 week timeframe, as making everything to order (and being 5 sets) they assumed we would need much more time than the online supplier. But when they met with Nick (Cornwall Stairs Sales Director) they were surprised what was on offer with Cornwall Stairs. We were able to offer a completely flexible design service giving them far more options to achieve the style they wanted to achieve, the ability to add on lots of extra features and upgrades to improve the overall finish of each staircase, tweaks using MDF for carpeted areas (to help reduce costs) and the peace of mind that all the measurements would be completed by our team.

Finished Stairs: The clients were thrilled with our products and service. To ensure a start to finish stress free and straightforward approach, they also opted for our installation team to fit all five sets of stairs. The internet supplier requested 100% of the payment upfront, whereas we initially only ask for 50% (this is requested after the site survey has been conducted) with the final 50% after installation. Also the internet order had a variety of hidden extra costs e.g. they charged a hefty delivery fee per set of stairs. Overall the end result was a better quality bespoke product with a personal service for a minimal difference in price.

Self Build

Background: Renovation/Re-build.

Project: Bungalow, Hayle, Cornwall.

Brief: As part of the newly renovated design, an upper level mezzanine had been created which required a new space saving set of stairs that would enhance the light surrounding the spilt levels and join the two floors. At the initial consultation the client requested a contemporary staircase featuring freestanding glass in aluminium channels. On our suggestion we made a few slight changes that not only enhanced the design, but also reduced the overall cost by adapting the original design to feature the glass bolted to the mezzanine trimmers and side of the stairs.

Finished Stairs: Pine paddle stairs with 17.5mm laminated glass.

Self Build

Background: 4 bedroom dormer bungalow, Connor Downs, Cornwall.

Project: Large plot divided to create two dormer bungalows.

Brief: Having previously used Cornwall Stairs, the client was confident with the quality of the product, service provided and overall cost. One of the most important factors for the client was to have some flexibility and time between the installation of the stairs and fitting of the glass. The reasoning for this was to allow the client to finish all work upstairs to prevent any potential damage to the stairs. We were able to work around this by initially installing the main structure of the stairs and then delaying the fitting of the glass until all upstairs building works and decoration was complete.

Finished Stairs: Oak and glass with MDF treads to carpet.

P Chapman Construction Ltd. – St Michael’s Hotel, Falmouth

Background: P Chapman Construction Ltd. are a high end developer for single and multiple projects. We have a strong working relationship with P Chapman based on our ability to deliver high spec bespoke stairs to match their premium level of workmanship.

Project: St Michaels Hotel, Falmouth.

Brief: To design an eye catching main entrance staircase to the hotel spa, based on a nautical theme to fit and compliment with the existing hotel décor, to a set budget and timescale.
Having worked on numerous projects with the contractor, they were confident to handover direct client liaison to our Sales Director Nick who met with the hotel owners to discuss some ideas and styles.

Staircase: The final design chosen featured a contemporary twist to the nautical theme by adding stainless steel ‘ship deck’ balustrading to the main flight, along with oak handrails throughout and a featured ‘lighthouse’ newel post to the bottom flight.

Robertson Developments Ltd.

Background: As a well established south west developer, Robertson Developments Ltd. have a number of contracts for hundreds of new homes being built in the Camborne, Helston and Redruth area.

Project: Large Housing Development, Camborne, Cornwall.

Brief: Having worked on several projects for Robertson Developments Ltd, their brief tends to be fairly generic each time. We consistently provide large numbers of stairs to each of their sites to meet their specifications. Our flexible approach allows us to schedule to Robertson’s individual timescales and gives us complete freedom to work to their scheduled delivery dates. With our own onsite factory, we have the capacity to produce large quantities of individual sets of stairs for multiple dwellings and large housing developments in a quick, hassle free and effective manner.

For clients like Robertson Developments, there are several advantages to choosing Cornwall Stairs over online or mass produced suppliers. Firstly we offer a site survey to avoid any discrepancies from off plan and to ensure the final measure is correct prior to production. Secondly each of our stairs are easily installed (dry fitted and preassembled in our factory) saving time and labour costs on site. They are delivered to site (by our own delivery team) individually packaged and labelled with plans.

Finished Staircase: We offer stairs from our budget range with the benefit of a bespoke service, offering individual stairs to each plot.

Nova Construction Ltd.

Background: A small development of four luxury homes built by Nova Construction on the north coast of Cornwall.

Project: Newdowns St Agnes, Cornwall.

Image © Nova Construction

Brief: As a regular user of Cornwall Stairs, Nova Construction approach us with plans to create a striking centrepiece staircase for each of the four properties. After the initial consultation minor amendments were made to the original brief, enabling us to deliver the design style and create each staircase to budget.

Final Staircase: Solid oak cut string spiral staircase with contemporary twist newels and spindles combined with a bespoke curved handrail.

Fine Homes Ltd.

Background: When it comes to attention to detail and building high specification homes and holiday retreats, owners of Fine Homes Sarah and David, are experts at combining quality materials and features to create a flawless finish.

As select developers they strive to build properties without compromise, designed to bring the very best in contemporary living for their clients. As regular clients of Cornwall Stairs, Sarah and David have had a number of bespoke staircases made for a selection of their developments, the most recent being for their own new build home.

Project: New Build Home, West Cornwall

Brief: Their commitment to detail didn’t disappoint with their own stair brief. Sarah had done a lot of research and had a firm idea of the type of design and look her and David wanted to achieve. After a brief consultation meeting with Nick (Cornwall Stairs Sales Director) the style, materials and overall design was confirmed, along with a set timescale and budget. Sarah and David chose a beautiful bespoke walnut staircase that encapsulated all of their ideas and fulfilled their main aim of adding a real focal point to the open plan living area by complimenting the textured walls and feature window. As with all of our stairs, we conducted a site measure and provided Sarah and David with 3D imagery of how the stairs would look, prior to starting the production in our onsite factory. Once completed we also carried out the installation onsite.

Finished Staircase: Sarah and David combined their finished stairs with a matching Tom Raffield walnut light, adding a whole new dimension to the finished article.