Background: 4 Bedroom Spilt Level New Build, Truro, Cornwall.

Project: Our clients were on the verge of placing an order with an online supplier, when they contacted us. With 5 sets of stairs required, they had initially used an online stair designer, but were concerned that the small print stated all measurements and any discrepancies would be their responsibility. With an already tight budget the thought of making any minor (yet costly) mistakes was one they wanted to avoid especially approaching the end of their build.

Initially, they were concerned that we would be considerably more expensive than the online supplier, based on all the extras we include and the all important site survey and measurement. Another concern was the 12 week timeframe, as making everything to order (and being 5 sets) they assumed we would need much more time than the online supplier. But when they met with Nick (Cornwall Stairs Sales Director) they were surprised what was on offer with Cornwall Stairs. We were able to offer a completely flexible design service giving them far more options to achieve the style they wanted to achieve, the ability to add on lots of extra features and upgrades to improve the overall finish of each staircase, tweaks using MDF for carpeted areas (to help reduce costs) and the peace of mind that all the measurements would be completed by our team.

Finished Stairs: The clients were thrilled with our products and service. To ensure a start to finish stress free and straightforward approach, they also opted for our installation team to fit all five sets of stairs. The internet supplier requested 100% of the payment upfront, whereas we initially only ask for 50% (this is requested after the site survey has been conducted) with the final 50% after installation. Also the internet order had a variety of hidden extra costs e.g. they charged a hefty delivery fee per set of stairs. Overall the end result was a better quality bespoke product with a personal service for a minimal difference in price.